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Teapots of Dutch Origin

The Dutch tea culture has existed for centuries. Tea was brought to Holland for the first time by the Dutch East India Company during the Golden age. Back then, tea was mainly used for medicinal reasons. Nowadays we drink tea on social occasions, and also because it’s healthy! At Bredemeijer®, we have produced teapots since the last century. Are you looking for a teapot of Dutch origin? These are our recommendations!

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Recipe Matcha latte

Over the past couple of years matcha tea has become incredibly popular. This is because it’s the most healthy tea in the world! Matcha contains vast amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols, which are good for your health. Drinking matcha tea also gives you a lot of energy. If you also loves latte’s (like we do), this is definitely the recipe for you!

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Recipe Camomile latte

Camomile tea has always been a favourite among tea lovers because of its sweet flavour and calming effect. It’s a tea with many health benefits and it helps you to relax. Step up your camomile game with our camomile latte recipe. For tea and latte lovers!

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Inspiration for iced tea

Iced tea! The perfect drink for a sunny spring day, or to drink during your workday. You can buy many kinds of iced tea in stores, but it’s even more fun to make it yourself. With this basic recipe you can create almost any kind of iced tea you want!

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Recipe healthy lemon balm tea

The freshness of lemons goes perfectly with the crisp spring air! And so does this lemon balm tea recipe. This is how you make it:

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Recipe chai latte

The word “chai” literally means “tea”. It consists of a blend of herbs and spices. In India this drink is known as a masala chai blend, but it is more commonly known as a chai latte. There is no set recipe for a chai latte, but a few ingredients can always be found: black tea, herbs like ginger, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon and of course cloves. These flavours combined make for a deliciously warm and sweet flavour.

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Cocktails with tea

It has been known for some years that you can make delicious cocktails and mocktails with tea. But how do you make them? In this blog Mariëlle Erkens will tell you everything you need to know!

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Vegan tea party recipes

Delicious vegan tea party recipes for lemon cookies, sandwiches with homemade ‘egg’ salad, spicy chickpea baguette, blueberry cake and matcha macarons. Enjoy!

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Orange tea with oranges and cinnamon

It is finally spring time again, and all the cheerful spring colours and smells return with it! What do you think about this colourful orange tea with oranges and cinnamon? The deliciously fresh and full flavour provides for an ultimate moment of pleasure on a beautiful spring afternoon!

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Tips for organizing a high tea

A high tea – or afternoon tea – is originally an English tradition. It was started by the ladies of the court, who organised a high tea to bridge the hours between lunch and dinner. All kinds of sweet and savoury bites are served with different types of tea. In this blog we’ll give you tips for organising a high tea!

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