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Tasty treat for tea time: blueberry cake

In autumn we want our house to be warm and cosy. We drink lots of tea and have friends and family over. Are you having people over this weekend? And are you looking for a tasty treat for tea time? Try our blueberry cake!

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3x Autumn tea recipes

The leaves are falling off the trees, the weather is getting colder and the hours are getting shorter. Autumn is here! It’s time to get your sweaters out of storage and curl up on the couch with a nice warm cup of tea. But what tea is best to drink in autumn?

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6x The best autumn tea flavours

Autumn! The time of the year in which we enjoy a nice cup of tea even more. Now that the days are getting colder we spend more time indoors. We curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea, or we spend the entire afternoon drinking tea with family and friends. Because you can’t create that cosy autumn feeling without a nice cup of tea. In this blog you’ll find our tips for the six best autumn tea flavours.

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Green tea soba noodles with spicy shrimps and shiitake

Bring the Orient into your home with this recipe for green tea soba noodles with spicy shrimps and shiitake. This dish goes very nicely with spicy Chinese green tea. Do you want to complete the look? Then you absolutely need a cast iron Asian teapot to serve the Chinese tea with. Enjoy your Oriental dinner!

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Taste the summer #4: Mango iced tea recipe!

Summers are for mango’s and sunshine! This mango iced tea recipe will give you all the refreshment you’ll need on a hot summer’s day.

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Taste the summer #3: Peach iced tea recipe!

So peachy! When you’re looking for a refreshment but also want the taste to be sweet and summery our peach iced tea recipe is the way to go! The perfect drink to drink in summer!

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Taste the summer #2: Cucumber iced tea recipe!

All you need on a nice summer day is a refreshing drink. Try making homemade iced tea! There’s nothing more fun than trying out new flavour combinations. Like our cucumber iced tea recipe!

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Taste the summer #1: Lemon iced tea recipe!

A refreshing iced tea is the perfect drink for a nice sunny day. You can make many different kinds of iced teas with variations in fruits, spices and more. This is our recipe for a delicious lemon iced tea!

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Imagine yourself in France with these teapots

“Je ne regrette rien”, except for not visiting France more often! France is home to many picturesque cottages, bed and breakfasts, classical architectural structures and, of course, little French café’s. The French people have a deep appreciation for tea, and many French drink tea from a cute, French teapot. And so can you! Imagine yourself in France with these teapots.

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Teapots of Dutch Origin

The Dutch tea culture has existed for centuries. Tea was brought to Holland for the first time by the Dutch East India Company during the Golden age. Back then, tea was mainly used for medicinal reasons. Nowadays we drink tea on social occasions, and also because it’s healthy! At Bredemeijer®, we have produced teapots since the last century. Are you looking for a teapot of Dutch origin? These are our recommendations!

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