White trends: the colour white in home interiors

White teapots in white home interiors

Creating a cosy living space is truly an art. But with the colour white, you can easily create a calm and aesthetic home interior where relaxation and comfort come first. With our tips for creating a white home interior you’ll be rushing through traffic to the comfort of your cosy home and a hot cup of tea.


Why choose a white interior?

White is a beautiful, clean and fresh colour that works well in many rooms. A white home interior design works well in almost every surrounding: whether your house is small or large, and whether you have a lot of natural (sun) light or little. White has a calm and serene look that gives a welcoming, spacious feeling, making it perfect for kitchens and living rooms. It is a classic and timeless colour that can be used on walls, furniture, focal points, accessories and more.


Picture of a beautiful white kitchen, decorated with shimmering white tiles, a white teapot and white accessories, by @fannysaintcoeur.



White and wood look

Another beautiful interior trend is the combination of white colour shades with a natural and organic look. The freshness and crispness of white colours is combined with the natural, zen elements of home decorations and products. We especially love the use of wood and bamboo in home interiors and home decoration. And let’s not forget plants!



Decorate your home with white products

A modern white interior truly comes alive when you start decorating it. And if you really love white, why not take it all the way and decorate with white products? Many products are available in white, because black and white interior design ideas have always been popular and continue to be. And unlike many other ‘trend’ colours, white never goes out of style. That’s why many of our beloved teapots come in the colour white. From double-walled teapots made from stainless steel, to ceramic and porcelain. Your favourite household product in your favourite design colour. Find your favourite here.





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