Tea is good for your health


In January, most people start work on their new year’s resolutions. Working out if often one of them. We already know that athletes often drink tea, but do you know why tea is good for your work out? Tea has all sorts of health benefits and has a positive effect on your metabolism and exercise performance. We have written down the health benefits for you!

1. Tea is good for your health

In many cultures, tea is seen as a drink that stimulates your health. Tea is often recommended for treating headaches, other pains and aches, depression and the detoxification of the body and the bloodstream. Tea (specifically theine) also gives you more energy!

2. Tea helps to maintain a healthy metabolism

Tea is filled with antioxidants. When we are exercising we damage our cells on a molecular level. Antioxidants helps to repair the damage to the cells. Tip: the healthy properties in green tea are enhanced if the tea is kept warm for longer. You can use one of our double walled teapots for this!

3. Tea is the best drink to stay hydrated

When you work out, you lose fluids. For high exertion it is very important to stay hydrated. You can also drink water, but water has less nutritional value than tea. Tea is the healthy choice for a workout!

4. Less muscle pain with tea

The antioxidants we mentioned before also help against muscle pain. You will have more energy and less muscle pain if you drink tea after your workout.

5. Burning of fat cells increases

Do you want to lose weight, or are you working out to maintain your current weight? Then drinking tea before your workout can contribute to that. Especially green tea is beneficial in increasing the speed of fat burning. Of course, this only works if you also maintain a healthy diet!

6. Tea helps to gain more focus

Almost all types of tea contain caffeine. Now you might think: ‘but isn’t caffeine also in coffee?’ Yes, it is. The caffeine in tea is known as theine. Where coffee might make you jittery, theine helps you to gain more focus. Tea only has benefits!