Imagine yourself in France with these teapots


“Je ne regrette rien”, except for not visiting France more often! France is home to many picturesque cottages, bed and breakfasts, classical architectural structures and, of course, little French café’s. The French people have a deep appreciation for tea, and many French drink tea from a cute, French teapot. And so can you! Imagine yourself in France with these teapots.


The Duet® Bella Ronde

The Bella Ronde is a true classic that reminds us of the French lifestyle. We dream about visiting the Champs-Élysées with our Bella Ronde in blanc satiné. But the other colours also remind us of cute café’s, luxury hotels in Paris and picturesque cottages in the French landscape.

Bella Ronde Carmine Red

Bella Ronde Blanc Satiné

Bella Ronde Chromium


Classical ceramics

A ceramic teapot perfectly captures the feeling of rustic living. These cosy teapots remind us of the French, handmade porcelain teapots that you can still find in between other curiosities at a French flea market.

Cosy® cream white

Cosy® creamer

Cosy® creamer and sugarbowl


Glass teapots for healthy teas

The French especially love healthy tea types like camomile and vervain. With a glass teapot you can see the tea leaves unfold in the loose tea filter. Enjoy your healthy cup of tea even more with an elegant, glass teapot! 

Solo Verona

Minuet® Santhee

Tea for one Modena


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