The Bredemeijer Group is a company of Dutch origin with three brands in its portfolio: Bredemeijer, Leopold Vienna and Zilverstad. Our main office is located in Utrecht and we also have a sales office in Leer, Germany.

The group originated from the company Bredemeijer, manufacturer of high-quality deluxe tea and coffee products, founded in 1914 in Hilversum by Mr G. Bredemeijer. His widow sold the company in 1934 to another family in the metal industry. The business was again taken over in 1994.

Bredemeijer relocated to Utrecht in October 2008 and then took over Zilverstad in 2009. They both operate now from the Utrecht premises. The German brand Leopold Vienna was added to the portfolio in 2010. The three brands have been joined together under one private limited company since January 2012 and are now known as the Bredemeijer Group B.V.


The double-walled teapots of Bredemeijer are a household name amongst tea lovers all over the world. It is the design and high quality that makes real connoisseurs choose Bredemeijer. There is something for everyone in the vast collection of teapots. All stainless-steel teapots are double-walled which keeps tea warm and full of flavour for a very long time. What all pots have in common is that they are very practical in use because, apart from a good pour, they do not drip and are easy to maintain. Bredemeijer teapots can be bought at (large) department stores, web shops and specialist stores.