How to get through autumn with ease!


Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons: the leaves have the brightest colours, sweater weather is back and cozying up on the couch with a blanket is now a regular weekend activity. But autumn also has its downsides. It rains a lot, the weather gets colder and the days are shorter. So it comes as no surprise that you can get the autumn blues. Don’t worry, these tips will get you through autumn with ease!


Eat chocolate

Yes, you read that right. Eat chocolate! Chocolate contains substances that make you feel good. The brain also really likes it when a piece of chocolate melts in the mouth so it starts releasing endorphins. Those also give us a happy feeling. So chocolate actually does make you happy! Do try to eat only pure chocolate. The darker the colour, the healthier for you the chocolate is.


Take a step back and relax

In autumn we get less vitamin D from the sun and that’s why we have less energy. So it’s important to use the energy we do have well and take some rest! Try to have a moment to yourself more often and have a nice cup of tea. You’ll see that it feels amazing to not ‘have to’ do anything for a moment.


Listen to feel-good music

Do you already feel the autumn blues? Make a playlist with feel-good music and turn up the volume! Music can affect your emotions. When you listen to music your brain releases dopamine, a substance that makes you feel happy. The genre of music doesn’t matter, as long as it makes you feel good!


Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is even more important in the fall than it is in the rest of the year. Start your night time routine a few hours before you go to bed: read a book, listen to music, drink a cup of tea (without caffeine) and try to stay away from screens! This way you prepare your body for the night and you fall asleep more easily.


Read a good book

When the days get colder we tend to spend more time inside. The perfect moment to dive into that stack of books that’s been waiting for you! Choose a good book and take the afternoon just to read. Time will fly by!


Go for a walk in the forest

Because we spend a lot of time indoors our bodies yearn for fresh air. This is because fresh air and daylight give us energy! It’s best to create a healthy balance between spending an afternoon on the couch and taking a walk in the forest. This way your body gets the rest it needs and your reap the benefits of the fresh autumn air!


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