The holiday season is filled with warm times with family, cosy moments around the fire and age old Christmas traditions. One tradition that we would love to share with you is how to celebrate a Christmas Tea Party! It’s also a perfect excuse to use your special table settings, break out the fancy dining set and of course, lay out the Christmas tablecloth. Here’s how you go about planning the perfect Christmas tea party.

The People
The most important part of starting any new Christmas tradition is the people. This is a time for sharing, being grateful for the wonderful people around you, and celebrating with the people you love. It doesn’t have to be strictly family, friends are also welcome. Just be sure that everyone you invite gets along, so you can keep that warm holiday feeling!
The Food
The beauty of a tea party is that the food is simple, sweet and savoury. Preparing the sweet foods is also a very fun activity to do with kids, namely, bake cookies! If you're planning to host the Christmas tea party with the kids, we suggest that you include this activity in the festivities of the day. As for the savoury foods: you can never go wrong with sandwiches. A few examples of finger-licking good sandwiches are: ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and hazelnut and the classic chicken salad. You can make the sandwiches beforehand and serve when wanted. If you want to get a little bit crazy, you can add some sliced fruits to the sandwich platters. Strawberries, banana and pineapple are easy to combine, and you can cut them in Christmassy shapes!
The Tea
Make sure to buy a broad assortment of teas in different flavours so all the guests can taste a different kind of tea. Also, try to buy types of teas you think will go well with the food you have chosen. This doesn’t have to be an exact science, but a very fruity tea doesn’t match very well with a chicken salad sandwich. Teas that are very accessible and easy to match are: white tea, camomile, earl grey and fresh mint. Have you yet to find the perfect teapot? We have all the teapots you could possibly ask Santa to put under the Christmas tree.
The Decorations
To set the atmosphere, put on a jolly Christmas playlist with which you can sing along. Christmas carolling is also a very fun activity for the kids (and the parents too!). Another definite must have is a Christmas tree. If you haven’t put up your Christmas tree yet, you can decorate it with ornaments you have made yourself! Think about carving out small teapots and cups from cardboard and decorating them. You can also paint old teacups and hang them up in the tree. The possibilities are endless! 
The Adult Tea Party
For the adults we have a Christmas tip to spice up the evening a little bit. Because, tea goes very well with alcohol as well! While the kids are busy decorating their Christmas cookies and singing carols, you can sit back and relax and enjoy a cup of (spiked) tea. Good pairings are: Black tea and rum, green tea and whisky, and camomile and gin. More tea and alcohol pairings can be found here.  

For more tea party inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest board! Merry Christmas everyone!


*Stay safe and please follow the Covid-19 guidelines in your area.*